Fernando Altuzar. Art & Poetry Hacker. Born in Mexico City. Published La Felicidad and other snippets. Collects unfinished books. Lives in front of a computer. In real life, works like a code monkey for a multinational corporation with wide presence in one single country or two or maybe three. Rails ftw, I'm fast with that. A Microsoft-certified GNU/Linux system administrator, is fluent in C++, Cocos2d, MySql, Objective-C, some Python, Node and Commodore Basic.
may be
at a Super Happy Dev House or probably in a Startup Weekend while listening some of the Grooveshark or Spotify stuff or maybe reading the last #n00b on earth at Stackoverflow and looking for something at Github between two visits to Techmeme.
/ “going... if my rate limit is not exceeded... thanks @ev...

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